Retained Prospect Management

Stay focused on your top prospects.

Your top donors make or break your fundraising success: 

But it’s easy -- and costly -- to lose sight of your most important donors.


Oversized portfolios, myriad distractions, and other non-fundraising responsibilities can make it incredibly challenging to keep your attention on your best prospects. It’s easy to get distracted and fail to hit your fundraising goal.

Retained prospect management keeps you on track!


Portfolio Optimization

Annual or twice-annual meetings to update individual portfolios, removing sub-par prospects and refilling the pipeline.

Prospect Management Meetings

Monthly all-hands meetings to review progress, celebrate wins, drive accountability, leverage collective wisdom, and coordinate efforts.

Activity Review Meetings

Quarterly or every-other-month meetings with individual fundraisers to help them keep their focus and activity on their best prospects

Ongoing Advisement

Your prospect management program will need to evolve and grow as you enjoy more fundraising success. Ongoing advisement ensures this healthy evolution and growth.

With expert prospect management you will